Environment and Clean Energy

SB 129 Supporting Renewable Engery

Bill #  SB 129 What the bill does – increases the Class II solar requirements, removes a size limit from the residential solar rebate program and continues our job growth -62% in 2016 alone. SUPPORT – we support this bill Why –This bill would make several changes and improvements to […]

SB 129 – Increases requirements for solar energy

SB 129 – Increases requirements for solar energy

SB 129. This is a good [senate] comprehensive bill.  It increases the requirements for solar energy, and strengthens the biomass class to help keep our existing in-state biomass generation operating, both of which support thousands of jobs. The hearing is on Tuesday 2/14 in the State House, Room 103.

HB 574 Support Clean Energy

  Bill # – HB 574  (Boring but Important or )  BBI What the bill does –This bill increases the limit on contributions to the Community Development Finance Authority for which an investment tax credit may be taken. Support / Oppose – Please Support Why – This is a great bill to […]