About Seacoast Huddle

This website was created by Mary Ann Driscoll and Christine Collins, the founders of the Seacoast Huddle.  We are neighbors and friends from across the Seacoast: Portsmouth, Rye, and New Castle… so far. We formed after the Women’s Marches.  Our purpose is to inform NH citizens about upcoming legislation.  Armed with background knowledge, phone numbers, and email addresses that we supply, our members can easily reach out to legislators who are trying to make important decisions.  In addition, we post events that our subscribers might want to attend.  We are also keeping track of what happens to the bills we invest in – how our reps are voting. We meet every other month, September – June.

We have adopted the mission statement from the the Boston Women’s March as our credo.

We’ll visualize what a more democratic, just, safer and freer world could look like four years from now — and we’ll work backwards to figure out what we need to do, starting today, to get there. Huddles are meant to be positive, inclusive, action-oriented and productive.  Most importantly, lead with love.