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Hi Huddlers,

One of our members, who is a public school teacher, forwarded this to us from our state senator, Tom Sherman.

“I (Tom Sherman) voted against the vouchers when they came before the Senate. Unfortunately, they passed along party lines 14 to 10. Not only are they horrible for public education, they will also drive up our property taxes in order to pay for them. We will do everything we can to oppose them as they come back in the Senate budget, but the governor has already said he supports them. Given that the Republican majority in the House and the Senate also support them, it is really up to the people of New Hampshire to let the Republican House and Senate leadership as well as the governor know that they oppose vouchers and the impact they will have on the public school system. I will continue to do everything I can in the Senate to oppose them in the meantime.”

Here’s Governor’s Sununu’s email:

From my understanding, this voucher bill is the most far reaching in the entire country. Vouchers siphon money from public school systems to pay for tuition at private schools, charter schools, and, I think, even home schools. Write Sununu and let him know this voucher bill is harmful to public education and will drive up our property taxes because town’s will be receiving less money do to a decline in public school enrollment. I am also concerned about oversight for home schools, and charter schools in particular.

Thanks for your help with this,

Mary Ann and Christine

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