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Jet Ski Ban – A quick email or if you can go to Concord…

Hi Huddle, This is from our friends and state reps Kate Murray, Tom Sherman and Jaci Grote:

Kate Murray, Tom Sherman, Jaci  Grote and others are introducing a bill on 2/12 in Concord to ban jet skis in the fragile Waterways of New Castle and Rye. Seabrook and Hampton have already done so and we would like to follow suit.

Please send Kate Murray an email stating why you would like to ban jet skis in fragile areas. In addition to environmental considerations, you may want to talk about your concerns for the safety of swimmers, paddle boarders, kids who use Jumping Rock, etc. Kate’s email is,

HB 1380 is scheduled for hearing on February 12th at 10:00 in room 305 of the LOB. The purpose of the bill is to ban jet skis in the fragile waterways of Rye and New Castle.  It would be great if some people could come and testify as to the importance of the waterways and why we need to protect them. If you can be there, let Kate know in your email.


Mary Ann and Christine

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