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Let’s Push back against Lobbyists

The Statehouse is the people’s house. Rep. Timothy Smith is proposing a change to House Rules so that citizens testify before paid lobbyists. Paid lobbyists always show up, it’s their job. Shouldn’t concerned members of our community testify first? This would make it easier for working people to participate in our NH government. 

Rep. Smith proposes an insertion to House Rules Section 100, Rules of Committee Procedure, Committee Chairman Duties:
(r) to ensure on a best effort basis, that constituent members of the general public are recognized to testify at public hearings before registered lobbyists.

Contact your House Rep and tell them to vote “green” next Wednesday for this rule change. A vote for the people, not the paid lobbyists.

Paid Lobbyists at NH State House.

These lobbyists were at the State House this week arguing NH residents don’t need to know what is in their bottled water.

Here’s the email for all House Reps:

FYI: Michael Vose who was to be appointed by Governor Sununu to NH Site Evaluation Committee, pulled his name from consideration. Thanks to all of you for sending emails against his nomination. When considering environmental impacts on our state we need experts, not politicians.

Thanks and Happy New Year,

Mary Ann and Christine

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