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We need to call Executive Councilors – Important! Update- ignore first version!

Hi Huddle,  this request is from Mindi Messmer and Grafton County Dems.  Mindi says Michael Vose is completely unqualified for this position (see below), “He’s an anti-science, pro all fossil fuel  supporter.”

It’s an email, it takes a quick minute to do. Do it asap, see below for contact and support information.

Apologies for two emails, there was a last minute update.


Mary Ann and Christine

We Need Your Help

Governor Sununu is doing all he can to stack the NH Site Evaluation Committee (SEC) with members who support EverSource and Northern Pass.


Governor Sununu has nominated former State Representative Michael Vose for a public member position on the SEC.  Vose was defeated in the November election and is known to be a big supporter of EverSource and Northern Pass.

Note: it was just a few years ago that Gov Hassan had to withdraw her nominations of former state senators Bob Odell and Amanda Merrill because of criticism that the public member positions were created so that grassroots types were on the SEC, not recent legislators.

Vose is inappropriate for a public member position.

Action Opportunity:

Please contact these  Executive Councilors 
Joe Kenney: joseph.kenney@nh.gov

Executive Councilor David Wheeler: David.Wheeler@nh.gov

Executive Councilor Russell Prescott: represcott@nh.gov.

Ask them to vote against the nomination of Michael Vose.

They need to hear from us!

Please pass this information to anyone you think might be interested in contacting their executive counselor.


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