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SB 446 Support for Renewable Energy – Override Sununu’s Veto

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Governor Sununu is making a habit of promising one thing and then doing another. Who is he really working for?    Remember the voting bill that made it very difficult for college kids to vote in NH?  He signed it after saying he wouldn’t.  Now he has vetoed a  bill that he promised to sign.  PAC money at work again?

Governor Sununu vetoed SB 446 despite the fact that the bill passed with strong bipartisan support in the house and the senate this session.  This is the governor’s latest attack on local renewable energy and It is no secret that the fossil fuel industry has bought his support.  

SB446 increases the allowable size of an electric generation project (think solar) that a business, school or municipality can use to self generate power and gets rid of unnecessary regulatory and economic barriers.  This bill will encourage NH communities to invest in clean local energy and decrease our dependency on fossil fuels. There is no cost shifting and no subsidies.

It’s not too late.  We can overturn the veto. Here are two things you can do:

1) Call your legislator and ask them to attend the override session on the 13th. At this session legislators will have a chance to override the Governors veto. We need our legislators to attend the session and vote to overturn the Veto on SB446 (Vote yes on SB446).  Check out this article in the Seacoast Online to learn more about what this bill means for the solar industry in NH and for your wallet.

Mindi Messmer   Mindi.Messmer@leg.state.nh.us

Kate Murray    Kate.Murray@leg.state.nh.us

Dan Innis 603-271-3077     Dan.Innis@leg.state.nh.us

2) Rally at the State House on September 6th. NH Sustainable Energy Association is putting on a huge rally to push the legislature to override the governor’s decision. Make sure you’re at the state house September 6th at 10AM.

It is time to hold Governor Sununu accountable for his climate silence.  The future is in our hands.

This is from Suzanne McFarland at our energy desk.

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