Immediate Action

NH District 1 Congressional Race Counts

We want to do an endorsement for this race, so we want your opinion….  our desk heads gathered information about the nine Democrats running in the September, yikes, primary.  The chart,  thanks Christine and Desk Heads, attempts to illustrate what the candidates have actually accomplished, as opposed to, what they say they are going to do.

The chart outlines our results. You will also find notes that support our findings, use the direction arrows to scroll down the spreadsheet,  there are 3 pages, it’s brief, don’t worry.

After you look over the information carefully,  send us any questions you might have,  and then vote for who the Huddle should endorse, using  Opavote

If we could have your response by July 6th.  That would be great.

Hope you are enjoying your summer,

Mary Ann and Christine



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