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Nasty NH House Battle after NH Senate Guts Passed Bills – please email!

This is from Mindi Messmer our Seacoast Representative in Concord,

We need the word out…this Thursday the House session will be nasty.  Senate bills that I have been working on are coming back to the House after the Senate has tried to dismantle them or perhaps the House leadership just wants to kill them.  We are going to take up the following floor fights and need your help getting the word out to have emails sent to all House reps! (sorry for the late notice but this is how things happen this time of year).

HB587 – this was the Hail Mary attempt to make gay conversion therapy illegal in the State of NH. We want the House to CONCUR with the Senate and just pass it.  We are afraid if it goes to Committee of Conference it will die.

HB1592– relating to arsenic in drinking water. This bill was entirely neutered in the Senate.  We want this bill to go to COMMITTEE OF CONFERENCE to restore it so it has some ability to keep the DES to a schedule for creating an arsenic standard. We have 3,000 cases per million of bladder cancer alone (tied to ingestion of arsenic but also other chronic disease and cancer).

HB1766 – relating to remediation of Coakley Landfill.  The Senate stripped the bill in an unfortunate turn of events that had republicans Dan Innis, Andy Sanborn and Gannon fighting with Dan Feltes and Martha Hennessey (dems) against a fight lead by Martha Fuller Clark, succumbing to pressure from the City of Portsmouth and the CLG, to gut this bill.  We want this bill to go to COMMITTEE OF CONFERENCE so that the bill has a chance of making the CLG responsible for cleaning up their toxic mess.

HB1807 – protection of the vulnerable elderly (alzheimer’s and dementia).  This bill was stripped in the Senate after Daniels removed it from Consent because the protective order language and reference to removal of guns that is the same language for protection against domestic violence. This is outrageous – the bill passed two House Committees, twice the House floor, Senate committee and was stripped on the Senate floor.  We want to make a really big deal of this and we want it to go to COMMITTEE of CONFERENCE since there is not much left of the bill.

I am checking on the lead sponsor’s desire to address HB1565 – relative to the accreditation of the secure psychiatric unit.  I may ask for help with this one too!

Thanks for all you do!



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