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SB 193 School Voucher Bill

Hi Huddle Friends,  We need a quicky email.  Hampton people, we especially need you, see below.

The Governor is pulling out all the stops to pressure Republicans to vote for the school voucher bill.  Even though the Finance Comm. subcommittee voted 7:1 to send the bill for further study (which would kill it for this year), we worry that many Reps on the full Finance Committee will cave in, do the Governor’s bidding and support the bill. 

Could you send a quick (one or two sentence) email to members of the Finance Committee, within the next few days? Talking points are below.  In your subject line write “This is not a form email” or “I’m a NH voter” and reference SB193.

Here’s the email link (using this means each member of Finance will get your email through his/her individual email account):  


Talking points – choose one, and USE YOUR OWN WORDS.  Don’t forget to tell them what you want them to do – i.e. vote to refer the bill for interim study.  They vote on Wed. 4/25, so must receive this by 4/24 at the latest.  This weekend would be best.

1.  Property taxes will go up because virtually all the costs have been shifted to the school districts

2.  The cities and towns that can least afford it will be hit hardest, while wealthy districts bear almost no financial burden

3.   No one can accurately predict the financial impact, but even the most conservative projection is that districts around the state, taken together, will lose $100 million to serve only 2,000 students.

4.  The bill allows parents to spend public funds on programs and services that aren’t accredited or vetted for quality and that operate with no accountability to taxpayers

5.  7 out of 8 members of the subcommittee (Rs and Ds), who studied the bill in depth for 3 months, considered 5 different amendments, and know it better than anyone, believe this bill is not ready to be voted on.

P.S. If you happen to live in Nashua, Litchfield, Bedford, Hampton, Hudson, Pelham or Mont Vernon, your representative is particularly key.  If you’d be willing to contact him/her individually and let them know you’re a constituent, let me know and I’ll send you the contact info.

Thank you, we have been working on this bill for awhile.  Bill Duncan, our education desk, is the expert.  Mary Ann went up to Concord to testify against it.  Eye opening, what confusion there was about paying for it.  Let’s try to bring it home.

Mary Ann and Christine

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