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HB 1766 – Remediating the Coakley Landfill in Greenland

Hi Huddlers,  We need calls to two of our Seacoast Senators.  Right away if you can.

 HB1766 – the Coakley remediation bill,  it would be really helpful for them to know we are behind this bill.

Please ask them to

 Support HB 1766  because it is important for Portsmouth to follow through on their obligation to fix the problem now after decades of inaction and avoidance.

Remind them Dr. Tom Ballastero and Towns of Hampton and Greenland say their drinking water is threatened by Coakley. Portsmouth and other responsible parties must do the right thing.

Martha Fuller Clark  603- 271-3092

Dan Innis 603-271-3076


Mary Ann and Christine


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