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HB 628 – Family Leave and Dan Innis meeting

Hi,  Here are two things we can do to support families in New Hampshire.

Please call Dan Innis  603-271-3077  and ask him to vote yes.  Here are the facts, remember personalizing it makes the request stronger.

  • New Hampshire needs a strong workforce to keep our economy growing. Caregiving duties are one of the biggest barriers keeping qualified workers out of our labor market.
  • Access to paid family and medical leave:
    1. Helps aging workers stay in the workforce longer,
    2. Increases the odds of success for working people recovering from substance use disorder. Financial costs associated with losing income are one of the most common reasons that people struggling with addiction are unable to access available services,
    3. Leads to higher workforce participation among new parents,
    4. Helps level the playing field for small businesses and their employees.
  • There is wide bi-partisan support for this program
    1. 82% of New Hampshire residents support establishment of a family and medical leave insurance program
    2. Over 100 New Hampshire businesses have signed a letter of support for HB628
    3. 90% of employers in states with similar programs reported a “positive effect” or “no noticeable effect” on productivity, performance, and profitability.
  • House Bill 628 is NH specific, proactive policy that would support families in our state to take the time they need and be able to return to the workforce.

There are a few incorrect/misleading things we’re hearing from Republican Senators –

This is an Income Tax-   No, this is a premium payment for a specific insurance product, it is also voluntary since people can opt out of participation altogether, taxes are not. Participation (ie. payment of premiums) is not a condition of employment.

 Government Doesn’t Need to Get Involved (insurance companies could do this)- Insurance companies do not currently offer a comparable benefit in NH, the private market has done nothing meaningful to provide wage replacement for family leave to take care of parents, children or other relatives. That is why this program is needed. Setting this up to be administered alongside the unemployment insurance system is an efficient way to ensure all employees in NH have access to this benefit (which is just like unemployment insurance – a temporary wage replacement).

Also in support of this bill you have a very rare opportunity to meet with Dan Innis.

Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy is hosting a constituent meeting with Senator Innis about HB 628, the paid family leave bill next Wednesday:

What: Senator Innis Paid Leave Meeting

When: Wednesday, April 11th 6:30pm-8:00pm

Where: The Victoria Inn

430 High St, Hampton NH

Please make the call and / or join us in Hampton.  Email me if you want a ride.

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