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Unique Gun Control Vote in Concord next week

We couldn’t be there in person for those strong and determined high schoolers from Parkland, Florida that had us crying with them in sorrow, but then, acting on their grief, had us cheering.  Let’s stand with them next week.

On Tuesday, March 6th during the House session, there will be a motion made on the Floor to suspend House Rules.  The motion will be made by Representative Stephen Shurtleff and Representative Lee Oxenham.

 They will be attempting to allow a bill to be drafted to prohibit the sale or possession of bump stocks (multiburst trigger activator) in NH and to prohibit the sale of all firearms to anyone under the age of 21 years.

The motion will require a 2/3rds vote to Suspend the Rules, to allow the late drafting, introduction, referral to committee and reporting from the committee – all in one motion.

IF they’re able to suspend the Rules, the bill can then be immediately drafted and available the next day, Wednesday, March 7th for a House vote. The bill will only need a majority vote to pass.

As you can see, the big push will be the required 2/3rds vote to allow the suspension of House Rules.

The Huddle can help with this unique opportunity by calling as many reps as we can.   If you can call and/ or email let’s focus on Rockingham County.

These Republicans are moderates, they have supported Women’s Issues and voted against HB 1542, Gun carry on College and HS campuses:

Call and thank them,  then go for the ask*:

Mary Allen  (603)382-5665  no email

John Janigian  (603)770-8230

Phyllis Katsakkiores  (603)434-9587

John Manning   (603)339-9775

Betsy McKinney   603)432-5232

Charles McMahon   (603)432-8877

David Milz  (603)437-0030

Brenda Willis  (603)434-9093

*Ask them to support the Suspension of Rules.  Ask them to vote with good New Hampshire common sense to prohibit sales and possession of bump stocks and to prohibit the sale of all firearms to anyone under 21 years old.

These Republicans voted against HB 1542, Gun carry on College and HS campuses:

Call and thank them for their vote on HB 1542,  then go for the ask*:

Patrick Abrami   (603)772-3489

Arthur Barnes  (603)475-5335

Philip Bean  (603)502-7755

Martin Bove  (603)434-3092

Patricia Dowling   (603)432-8080     Phone: (603)432-8080

Robert Elliot    (603)893-0402

Tracy Emerick   (603)926-8316

Robert Fesh   (603)434-1550

David Lundgren   (603)432-3499

Norman Major    603)382-5429

Carolyn Matthews     (603)244-2027

Jim Nasser     (603)793-6679

Robert Nigrello   (603)394-7591

Sherman Packard   (603)432-3391

Mark Pearson   603)571-0205

Bob Rimol   (603)434-0910

Frank Sapareto  (603)894-708

Douglas Thomas   (603)490-3226

Richard Tripp  (603)434-4674

James Webb   (603)845-3454

David Welch  (603)642-4402

Ken Weyler   (603)642-3518

We owe it to those kids at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, and to our own sweet children, thanks for your help,

Mary Ann and Christine

PS Thanks to Sally Fodero for helping compile these names!





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