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HB 1319 Transgender Rights

From our Gender Equality desk:

As protectors of civil liberties, it is our mission to defend the rights of every Granite Stater. Today, we ask you to stand up for transgender rights and ask your representative to support HB 1319.

If passed, HB 1319 would update New Hampshire’s existing nondiscrimination law to explicitly include transgender Granite Staters.

Please call your state representative     and ask them to support HB 1319.

Here’s some supporting information:

Dover Chief of Police Anthony Colarusso and the NH Association of Chiefs of Police has no concern that HB 1319 will make anyone less safe.

Lawmakers are hearing the opposite from opponents of HB 1319. Misinformation like the “bathroom predator” myth are false and designed to sabotage transgender equality. Nothing in HB 1319 changes police’s ability to hold accountable someone who enters a restroom to harm someone. It simply allows transgender people to be safer, and live their lives authentically. In fact, updating the law would show that we respect and value everyone’s safety. 18 states and more than 200 towns across the country have already agreed, and seen no increase in safety concerns.

Your lawmakers need to hear from you! Take action now and urge your representative to stand up for transgender rights.


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