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SB 129 Strengthens Biofuel and Solar Industry – We need some calls

From Our Environmental and Clean Energy Desk:

We supported this bill in one of our early immediate actions now we need more calling juice!

Background –
It was a bipartisan bill to strengthen both the biofuel industry (wood pellets and chips) and the solar industry.

The House Science, Technology and Energy (STE) Committee hearing filled the hearing room and dozens spoke in its favor.

Now that the last minute—hearings are over… an amendment will be introduced on Tuesday to strip solar from the bill prior to recommending it to the full House. The public may attend but no public testimony will be allowed, though we can still send emails.

All Democrats will vote for it. Several Republicans are on the fence. They will decide. Write or call:

Bill Kuch (Bow) 856-0957

Greg Smith (Pelham) 635-3835

David Murotake (Nashua) 321-6536

Richard Barry (Chair) (Merrimack)

Simple message: SB 129 is good for business; good for the planet

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