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Write to the New Hampshire Board of Education and the Commissioner about academic Standards!

Please,  write the New Hampshire Board of Education and the Commissioner of Education in support of our current Common Core academic standards for English and math.  Here are the details.

The New Hampshire Board of Education (NHBOE)  is front and center now that Frank Edelblut is trying once more to take over NHBOE’s authority and  change academic standards.  For more information, see everything here, and subscribe to the newsletter here.

Edelblut intends to make big and damaging changes in our schools, if we let him.  There are new appointments coming to the NHBOE,  the new, Sununu appointed, NHBOE could support Edelblut.  So, in addition to communicating to legislators, we should communicate the NHBOE and the Commissioner – and watch them closely – if we care about our schools.
The current issue is academic standards.  You may have seen that the Commissioner tried to over ride the NHBOE to change the science standards we just adopted, based on the widely respected Next Generation Science Standards (NHGSS).  NHBOE said no and there has been a big pushback.
Now the Commissioner wants to rewrite the English and Math standards. Currently we use the Common Core Standards.  They are nationally recognized, have been implemented in our schools for several years.  The annual state assessments are based on them.  NH adopting the Common Core has been an important step forward that has set higher expectations in our classrooms.  Edelblut’s  demands are totally uncalled for and will be a disruption for children and their teachers.  This rewrite idea did not come from NH schools nor the Superintendents in NH.

“Many states have coordinated with the federal government in Common Core standards for basic curriculum. Now Republicans are promoting another direction based on charter schools, privately run schools operated with public oversight and funding, and school choice, enabling parents to decide which public or private schools their children attend with public funding.  (Edelblut’s agenda)

Massachusetts ranks as the No. 1 Best State in education, by all these measures – New Jersey No. 2. Several other Eastern Seaboard states stand out – New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maryland and Virginia. And some Midwestern and Western states also rank in the top 10 in education: Nebraska, Iowa, Utah and Washington. More than half the states that rank in the top 10 in education also rank in the top 10 overall in the Best States ranking.”

What is also frustrating is that the Commissioner doesn’t have anything concrete to replace the Common Core.  He is proposing nothing specific.  Revealing more than the minimum, or actually less than the minimum, is part of his strategy on everything.  It appears that his intention is to put anti-education people into the middle of as many decisions as possible.  So on the standards, put them on committees and change the standards in some major way that allows him to say he got rid of NGSS and CCSS.

We need to write NHBOE and the Commissioner to say….something real, whatever you really think.  If you have a child who has benefitted or have looked into the issue (here’s more background than you will ever need) talk about that.  Make it respectful.  No political accusations.  It can be long or short, but if you make it real, you will have a great impact on the debate.


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