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Notes from Seacoast Huddle Meeting – April 19

The Huddle has been making calls about legislation since February 10th.  We invited 3 speakers to talk about how legislation is affecting their organizations.  Christine opened our meeting by reading a few passages from, On Tyranny, Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century  by Timothy Snyder.   A good read for us Huddlers.



Tanna Clews, CEO of the NH Women’s Foundation, talked about her organization’s role in philanthropy and advocacy.   Currently they are advocating for the same bills that influence women and children that we have been calling about.  There are plans for hiring a Resource Policy Director that will eventually support the Desks that are working on these issues.  In addition, the Foundation is funding non-profits like Families in Transition, Cross Roads, and Haven (formerly A Safe Place).  Click for more information on the Women’s Foundation.






Mary Rauh, a former Planned Parenthood board member, spoke about that organization.  Rose Love, one of our Women’s Issues Desk leaders, and a nurse at Exeter High also chimed in with her experiences.   Rose explained that she has a Planned Parenthood sticker on her computer that kids coming in can clearly see. She sees that both boys and girls have questions and want advice.  Recently Gov Sununu signed legislation, despite our calls,  that makes it more challenging for teens to get accurate information from school based resources  like Rose. Click for more information on Planned Parenthood of NE





Mil Duncan, from our Family Friendly desk spoke about the need for Family Friendly legislation particularly in NH.  Our population is graying and we need incentives to keep young families here.   Research shows that families spend one third of their income on child care,  child care scholarships can help.   The Huddle members have been calling about paid family leave and this issue is still alive.   Legislation to increase the minimum wage in NH is dead.  However, in support of the minimum wage,  Mil shared research from Raj Chetty that local governments that invest in low income workers see upper mobility for all members. Click for more information on the Family Friendly Economy.

Link to Raj Chetty research











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