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HB 589 – Oppose Repeal of Patient Buffer Zone

This is from Planned Parenthood Рthey need our immediate calls to our NH  reps:

Please contact your state Representative(s) before the floor vote on HB 589 next week, which would repeal New Hampshire’s Patient Safety Buffer Zone Law. ¬†Please contact them now and urge them to oppose the repeal of this law.

Women face threats, harassment, and intimidation when accessing the safe, legal health care they need. New Hampshire’s buffer zone law provides a means of safe passage for these women, threading the needle between their right to safety and the first amendment rights of protestors.

Protecting New Hampshire’s buffer zone law is essential to protecting the safety of patients and providers at reproductive health centers, including Planned Parenthood.

If you believe access to reproductive health care should be safe and private, please take action now.

Mindi Messmer – 603-271-3334
Kate Murray – 603-501-8989

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