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HB 103 – Sex Education – Ask Gov. Sununu to veto

Governor Sununu will act on HB 103, legislation that requires a two week “opt-out” provision for any material deemed “objectionable” regarding health or human sexuality.  This bill has passed the House and Senate.ACTION:  Tell Gov Sununu to VETO this bill.BECAUSE:  Studies show that parents aren’t tackling the tough topics when they discuss sexuality education with their teens. Too many young people are only getting their sex education from the media via the internet, movies, TV, and music.  Many parents need the additional support, resources, and expertise provided by schools and teachers.  NH has the lowest rates of sexually transmitted infections and teen pregnancy in the country.   We can’t go backwards.The bill  places unnecessary  hurdles and restricts  the ability of school districts working to ensure students have access to comprehensive, age appropriate and medically accurate sex education in a timely manner, which is necessary to foster healthy lifelong decision making.Call Governor Sununu, 603-271-2121.

FYI  – Former governor Maggie Hassan vetoed this same bill, I believe, more than once.

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