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SB 128 Electric Utility Restructuring

  • SB 128 ( AN ACT relative to the policy goal of electric utility restructuring. ) – This bill is going to the full Senate floor for a vote on Thursday 3/23. This bill is very problematic because it gives utilities broad authority to undertake both large infrastructure projects and distributed clean energy projects, potentially in an anti-competitive manner that will result in higher costs or stranded costs to consumers.  Please contact your senator and politely ask him/her to vote NO on this bill.  Talking points:
    • SB 128 gives the utilities broad authority to get back into the business of power generation and rolls back electric utility restructuring, right at the moment when PSNH (Eversource) is finally selling off their power plants. PSNH–the one utility left in that business still–has made poor and costly decisions related to power generation (Merrimack scrubber cost $420 million, Seabrook bankruptcy, etc.)
    • Allows utilities to get into the small distributed energy market in a non-competitive fashion by allowing them to do more than what is already fairly and competitively allowed under RSA 374-G.
    • Increases future risk of stranded costs to ratepayers.
  • Please contact the senators on the Energy and Natural Resources committee

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