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SB 129 Supporting Renewable Engery

Bill #  SB 129

What the bill does – increases the Class II solar requirements, removes a size limit from the residential solar rebate program and continues our job growth -62% in 2016 alone.

SUPPORT – we support this bill

Why –This bill would make several changes and improvements to our Renewable Portfolio Standard, including increasing the Class II solar requirement, dedicating some Renewable Energy Funds to low income households so they can benefit from more renewable energy, and removing the 10 kW size limit from the residential solar rebate program at the PUC. It also adjusts the Class I thermal amounts and the Class III ACP. Two fact sections below

What to do

  1. Go to Concord on Tuesday April 11, 2017

The Public Hearing in the House for  will be on April 11th at 1:30pm in the Legislative Office Building Room 302-304

2. Contact members of the Energy Committee  You can contact the committee listing (21 members).  Or you can email your letter or message to the entire committee.  Use this address.

Other important talking points include:

  • The current Class II solar requirement is only 0.3% of retail sales. This amounts to about 25-30 MW of capacity, is entirely too small, and does not reflect the technical or economic potential of solar in NH.
  • RECs are important as a revenue stream.  If there aren’t enough RECs in the market to purchase, then utilities pay ACPs into the Renewable Energy Fund, which then funds the solar rebate programs, which are essential to customers and help bring down the up-front costs of solar.
  • Solar jobs are 1,200 strong and growing in NH–a 62% growth rate in 2016 alone.
  • Solar energy saves all ratepayers because it provides energy and decreases load at peak times on the system, when energy is most expensive.
  • Diversity in our in-state energy supply is essential to hedge against volatile and growing energy prices.

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