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HB 578 Chipping Away at a Women’s Right to Make Decisions

As early as next Wednesday, March 8, the New Hampshire House of Representatives will vote on a bill (HB 578) introduced to restrict the right of women to make private medical decisions later in pregnancy and to chip away at abortion rights in New Hampshire.

Last week, the New Hampshire House Judiciary Committee passed an amendment to HB 578 titled the “Viable Fetus Protection Act,” which creates new limitations to abortion access without protecting longstanding rights to access abortion care. Supporters of reproductive rights introduced the Kenison amendment, which affirmatively recognizes the rights codified under Roe v. Wade. The Kenison amendment failed in Committee, but will be offered next week on the House floor.

Call your representatives today and tell them to:

  • oppose the Committee amendment to HB 578;
  • oppose HB 578 as introduced; and
  • support the Kenison amendment to codify Roe v. Wade.

Voting on HB 578 could happen as early as Wednesday, March 8. Contact your representatives today and tell them to protect women’s reproductive rights!

Kate Murray  603-501-8989
Mindi Messner  603-271-3334

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