Immediate Action Past, Voting Rights

SB 3, voting rights, hearing: Tuesday March 7th at 9:30-11:00AM in Concord

What: Senate Election Law Hearing on Senate Bill 3. SB 3 includes policing voters who use the affidavit process and creating a poll tax to register to vote by requiring you to register your car in NH.

Where: Room 102, Legislative Office Building (LOB), 33 N. State St, Concord, NN

How:  With a goal to bring 250 voters to the LOB, we want to send a clear message: Hands off my Ballot!  Participants need not testify but we ask that you go to Room 102 and sign in to oppose SB 3 or sign in as “con.”   We expect an amendment to the bill at the hearing that reflects Sen. Birdsell’s story reported on WMUR.  We want to send a clear message: Voters from across the state are engaged and will hold NH elected leaders accountable for rolling back voting rights.

Contact: Mary Ann, 
if you want to ride along!  We’re leaving Portsmouth at 8:00am.

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