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Attending the Senate hearing on SB 3 was inspiring!

A new friend and I headed to Concord on Tuesday in response to an ACLU request to oppose SB3, a voting suppression bill.  We were requested to show up at a legislative hearing.

We went and it was so worth it.  The ride from Portsmouth is easy.  We left at 8:00am, and were in our seats at the hearing by 9:15.  There were many Voting Rights activists there to get us to the hearing room and help us sign in appropriately.

The best part was listening and being inspired by thoughtful speakers from the ACLU and The League of Women Voters.   Even better were our smart NH neighbors and fellow citizens who were well-read and articulate.  One example was a strong case that suggested that instead of focusing on bills to limit voting, the legislature’s attention should be on registering high school students and holding voter registration on weekends.

Our NH Secretary of State also spoke, confirming what we all knew.  Trump is spinning his own baseless fear message about voter fraud in NH.  There are only 400 same day voting confirmation letters that were returned as undeliverable, from the primary and November elections. (These letters are sent by the Secretary of State’s office to confirm residency.)  I’m guessing messy handwriting is as reasonable an explanation as fraud.  You might read our Secretary of State supports this bill, but his testimony mainly contradicted his support.  His testimony, for the first 15 minutes, seemed to be questioning why we needed the bill in the first place.  Then he shocked the room and said he supported it.   The only explanation we could think of…. is he depending on an appointment from this administration?

What you need to know, when you go to Concord.

  1. It is an easy drive, 101W to 93.  Parking is plentiful, including a shopping center lot within walking distance.
  2. Legislative office building is directly behind the State House.
  3. Testify – My advice is to prepare ahead and you’ll be fine. The people who spoke talked for about 2-5 minutes.  Some people referred to notes.  You’re not supposed to read your testimony.   It is also a good choice to leave a written copy of your testimony.                        **True confessions we didn’t testify but will next time!

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