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Redistricting Emergency

This is from the Select Board in New Castle. We need a quick email tonight or tomorrow morning. Email these two people pronto. Or call and leave voice mail considering the short notice. The vote is Friday…

Rep. Barbara Griffin 


Rep. Steven Smith 

See info below for suggested talking points:

 I am writing to ask you to spread the word that the traditional New Castle/Rye district for State Representative will be eliminated based on the current proposed map by the Special Committee on Redistricting – Majority Map. 

New Castle will become a part of Portsmouth.   The new district will be a combination of all of New Castle and sections of Portsmouth with a vast majority in Portsmouth.  This is by no means an anti-Portsmouth message.  We work collaboratively with Portsmouth on many, many issues.   It is, however, obvious that Portsmouth has legislative interests that differ substantially from the much smaller town of New Castle.  Our issues and concerns are distinct from Portsmouth, and if we are lumped into a district that is more Portsmouth than New Castle, we will lose our voice.

The link shows a Minority map that is essentially the same as what we have today, and then a Majority map, which would clearly put New Castle in with Portsmouth.    Rye would be paired with Greenland.   Currently, Newington and Greenland are paired, and Rye and New Castle are paired.   That is the most appropriate way to pair the communities and the links between these communities is well established.

In addition, Rye and New Castle are more alike and given the small town nature of their local government, we tend to have similar concerns.  New Castle and Portsmouth also have common interests.   But Portsmouth is a substantially larger community, their form of local government is not the same as New Castle and there are legislative areas where Portsmouth’s interests are vastly different than New Castle‚Äôs.   

Finally, this proposed map makes no sense and would disenfranchise New Castle voters.  The likelihood that a New Castle resident would be elected State Representative would be greatly diminished if this map is approved.   

I hope you will email and call the Chair and Vice Chair of the Special Committee on Redistricting to express your opposition to the decoupling of Rye and New Castle when drawing the state representative district political lines.    

The Committee is scheduled to move on the preliminary maps this Friday, November 12, so time is now to speak up.   A phone call in addition to your email would be more impactful as the Friday deadline looms.  Even if it is a voicemail.  

Thank you for your attention on this matter of importance to New Castle.


Tom Maher

New Castle Select Board

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