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Get the Word Out – Voting Summary

Hi Huddle, We get to vote soon and at least that feels good. Christine, Melissa, and I have put together a comparison of the candidates running for Governor, Executive Council and State Senate. See below. We hope this will help you when discussing the candidates with your friends and family.

Unbelievably Mindi Messmer is in a dead tie with Janet Stevens – this should not be. I learned, Janet Stevens is NOT a moderate republican concerned about our taxes…

Dr. Tom Sherman is running against Lou Garigulo, who?? I would tell you to Google him, but don’t bother, there’s nothing available to read… reading below is your best bet.

Lastly, encourage your friends who are NOT voting for Trump to NOT vote for Sununu either. Chris Sununu has declared he’s a Trump man through and through and his veto record proves it.

Stay healthy and strong,

Mary Ann and Christine

Seacoast 2020 Voting Summary

Executive Council District 3 – Vote Mindi Messmer          

Mindi Messmer (D):                                  Janet Stevens (R):

Protect voting rights —————————— Supports voter suppression laws

Protect drinking water & public health—Does NOT mention public health or environment on her website

Tireless advocate for women and familiesMy family and I are pro-life, I’ll support judges who stand with life

Protect & strengthen public education——–I will be a strong ally to Commissioner Edelblut, School Choice

Supports gun safety——————————– I ’ll be an advocate for the 2nd Amendment, against Red Flag laws

Supports Fair courts—————————— Supports judges who protect guns, life, voter suppression

Important:  Gov. Sununu has been holding a Supreme Court seat open for 19 months, hoping the next Executive Council will approve his anti-choice, anti-voting rights judge, a man with “NO experience on the bench”.  If MacDonald is confirmed he would be the third Sununu appointee to the high court without experience as a judge, and the first in a century to become chief justice without prior time on the bench.

State Senate District 24 – Vote Tom Sherman

Tom Sherman (D):                                  Lou Garigulo (R):

Only physician in NH Senate in over 20 yrs.—Co-chair Trump NH campaign 2016

Chair Senate Health & Human Resources-—- Co-chair Trump NH Campaign 2020

Protecting women’s health care rights——– Opposes women’s health care rights

Led the successful COVID-19 plan for NH—–Science denier 

Supports election integrity———————– Supports voter suppression laws and gerrymandering

Supports gun safety——————————– I am a proud member of the NRA, 2nd Amend. shall not be infringed  upon

Important:  Our current State Senator is in a league of his own. As the only physician in the NH Senate, Dr. Sherman brings a vital knowledge and perspective to today’s most challenging issues. He is leading our state on issues ranging from election integrity to affordable healthcare. 

Governor – Vote Dan Feltes

Dan Feltes (D):                                            Chris Sununu (R):

Protect women’s reproductive healthcare———–Anti-choice, holding NH Supreme Court seat for anti-choice judge

Campaign Finance Reform———————————Lobbyists & corporations comprise majority 2018 inaugural fund

Protect Voting Rights/End Gerrymandering———Signed ALL Voter Suppression bills, champion of gerrymandering

Clean energy & create thousands of jobs————–Stands with Republicans to protect fossil fuels & pollution

Believes in science & protecting our planet——–Climate science denier, vetoes bills that address climate change

Supports paid family and medical leave—————Vetoed twice (in a pandemic), leaving 63% without sick leave

Support ACA & pre-existing conditions-—————–Stood with Trump when he cheered for the end of the ACA

Common-sense gun violence prevention—————NRA ally, vetoed EVERY gun safety bill, eliminated required license to carry a concealed weapon

Important:  Gov. Sununu has vetoed bi-partisan legislation 57 times, more than five times that of previous NH governors.  He vetoed bills that would help NH families.  Instead Sununu stands with corporations, big donors, and the NRA.  He vetoed bills to address gerrymandering, prevent unauthorized people from carrying firearms into schools, increase the current minimum wage of $7.25/hour, provide paid family and medical leave, address climate change, promote energy efficiency  and provide hundreds of clean energy jobs. He’s auditioning for a job in DC not governing a purple state.

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