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From our Environmental Desk:

Next week, your representative will vote on three important bills that will affect the future of renewable energy in NH (HJR1, HB166 and HB496). Can you take one minute to send an email to your representative asking them to support these bills?

  1. HB496 would establish a committee to see what it will take to commit New Hampshire to a goal of at least 50 percent renewable energy for electricity by 2040.
  2. HB166 would require the utilities to fund energy efficiency programs to reduce the high demand for energy and also help low and middle income rate payers.
  3. HJR1 urges Gov. Sununu to ask the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to plan for regional offshore wind development in the Gulf of Maine.

Every day we wait to take bold climate action the crisis intensifies. Although these bills alone can’t put a stop to the climate change they move us in the right direction.

Can you send an email or make a call to your legislators in support of these important bills?

Thanks so much,

Mary Ann and Christine

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