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HB 124 Quick email is needed

This is from our Women’s Rights Desk and falls into that are-you-kidding -me-don’t-they-have-anything-better-to-work on category. This is a quick turn around, if you can please click below to send an email.

This Thursday, January 31st, the New Hampshire House will hear a bill, HB124, that would repeal the law allowing patient safety zones at reproductive health centers, click here to send a quick email, and we need your help to oppose it! 

The patient safety zone law, which passed in 2014, protects the safety and privacy of patients at reproductive health centers in the Granite State by allowing health centers to establish reasonable patient safety areas while striking a balance with First Amendment rights. Since the patient safety zone or “buffer zone” was signed into law, several bills have been introduced that attempted to repeal it; all have been rejected in a bipartisan manner, and we must continue to oppose this proposed bill.

Thanks for your help,

Mary Ann and Christine

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