Immediate Action, Women's Rights

HB 1787 – Abortion: Protecting providers who conscientiously object to performing abortions

Bill: House Bill 1787

Sponsors from Rockingham: Daniel Itse (Fremont), J. Edwards (Auburn), Mark Pearson (Hampstead), James Spillane (Deerfield) , Alfred Baldasaro (Londonderry)

What the Bill Does: The bill prohibits discrimination against health care providers who conscientiously object to participating in certain medical procedures. It is the stated purpose of this act to protect as a basic civil right the freedom of all health care providers to decline to counsel, advise, provide, perform, assist, or participate in providing or performing abortions, sterilizations, or artificial contraception.

House COMMITTEE: Health, Human Services and Elderly Services


Republican Committee Members:

Charles McMahon moderate  Phone: (603)432-8877

John Fothergill moderate  Phone: (603)915-1220

Jess Edwards  Phone: (603)370-7885

Mark Pearson- Rockingham-  Phone: (603)571-0205

Joseph Guthrie   Phone: (603)489-1228

Martin Bove  Phone: (603)434-3092

Jim Fedolfi     Phone: (603)568-3872

Daniel Donovan  Phone: (603)464-5805

Mariellen MacKay good moderate  Phone: (603)577-8932

William Marsh Phone: (603)569-6382

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