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HB 1707 24 Hour Wait Period before Abortion

From our Women’s Desk: 

Please note there are three more Abortion related bills up next week.  We will send them out separately but you can make one call or send one email  for all four. This bill is the worst.

Bill Title: Relative to Information regarding Abortion Information Act

Sponsors: Jeannine Notter, Hillsborough; Victoria Sullivan, Hillsborough; Kevin Verville, Rockingham; Kathleen Souza, Hillsborough

What the Bill Does: this bill requires the health care provider that performs the abortion, or the referring provider, to provide the pregnant woman with certain information at least 24 hours prior to the abortion.

Oppose! This bill is essentially invoking a twenty four hour waiting period.

Why: Mandated waiting periods make abortions complicated, expensive, and nearly impossible. Twenty eight states at this time have mandated waiting periods from 24-72 hours.

Why:   There are a number of concerns about the waiting period in particular. Not surprisingly, those most affected by waiting periods are poorer women, who may have driven across state lines to seek care and can’t afford to make the trip again or stay overnight. In states that require two separate trips to a clinic, that’s two days of missed wages, two days of childcare (most women who get abortions are already mothers), and two days of transportation.

WHY: There’s also the slippery slope effect: In recent years, right-to-life groups have taken advantage of the waiting-period standard and aggressively targeted state legislatures to insist on longer and longer waiting periods. If the courts are okay with 24 hours, how about 48? Or 72? At least five states adopted new or longer waiting periods in 2015, preceded by two states in 2014. Six states now require women to wait 72 hours before getting an abortion, the longest in the country.

Contact: Committee for Health, Human Services and the Elderly.


The following is a list of Republicans from Rockingham County. I think it is important for them to know that word spreads, we are all part of the Seacoast area, our Huddle group extends far beyond Mindi Messmer and Kate Murray, and we have many contacts all over the county. I have placed asterisks next to Republicans in Rockingham County that have voted with Democrats against some of these more insidious anti-abortion bills. I think they are important. Thank them and encourage them to hold the line.  Mix up those you contact, making sure we all don’t reach out to the top 10 people on the list.

*Mary Allen Phone: (603)382-5665 email: n/a  Newton

*Mary Griffin   hone: (603)432-0959 email: n/a   Windham

*John Janigian   Phone: (603)770-8230  Salem

*Phyllis Katsakiores   Phone: (603)434-9587  Derry

*Aboul Khan   hone: (603)474-1496   Seabrook

Robert Fesh   Phone: (603)434-1550   Derry

David Lundgen    Phone: (603)432-3499   Londonderry

Dennis Malloy   Phone: (603)970-1827  Greenland

Carolyn Matthews    Phone: (603)244-2027  Raymond

Norman Major  Phone: (603)382-5429  Plaistow

*John Manning  Phone: (603)339-9775  Salem

*Henry Marsh   Phone: (603)964-5164  North Hampton

*Betsy McKinney  Phone: (603)432-5232  Londonderry

*Charles McMahon  Phone: (603)432-8877  Windham

*David Milz   Phone: (603)437-0030  Derry

Sean Morrison   Phone: (603)275-7494  Epping

Jim Nassar  Phone: (603)793-6679  Nottingham

Robert Nigrello  Phone: (603)394-7591  East Kingston

John O’Connor  Phone: (603)434-8393  Derry

Jason Osborne   Phone: (603)391-2138  Auburn

Sherman Packard  Phone: (603)432-3391  Londonderry

Mark Pearson   Phone: (603)571-0205  Hampstead

Bob Rimol  Phone: (603)434-0910  Londonderry

Frank Sapareto  Phone: (603)894-7083  Derry

Brian Stone   Phone: (603)724-1404  Northwood

James Spillane     Phone: (603)463-5623  Deerfield

John Sytek   Phone: (603)893-8889  Salem

Douglas Thomas   Phone: (603)490-3226  Londonderry

Rio Tilton  Phone: (603)474-9852  Seabrook

Peter Torosian  Phone: (603)362-5202  Atkinson

Richard Tripp   Phone: (603)434-4674  Derry

Chris True    Phone: (603)887-2793  Sandown

Kevin Verville –sponsoring 1707  Phone: (603)247-9005  Deerfield

Michael Vose  Phone: (603)734-4084  Epping

Scott Wallace  Phone: (603)642-6379  Danville

James Webb  Phone: (603)845-3454  Derry

David Welch   Phone: (603)642-4402  Kingston

*Brenda Willis  Phone: (603)434-9093  Derry

William Friel  Phone: (617)960-7445  Atkinson

Dennis Green  Phone: (603)234-7776  Hampstead

Daniel Itse   Phone: (603)642-9403  Fremont

Jason Janvrin  Phone: (603)944-7449  Seabrook

Walter Kolodziej  Phone: (603)437-7936  windham

FYI: House member Souza from Nashua is a rabid “right to life” crusader. She has sponsored 7 anti-abortion bills already in 2018.

Thanks for your help,

Sally Fodero

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