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Huddle Meeting Wednesday and FYI: HB1766

Hi Everyone,  Just a quick reminder of our meeting this Wednesday, February 28, 6:00 at the Macomber Room at New Castle Public Library.  We have invited Kate Murray and Mindi Messmer to speak about NH legislation that is upcoming and also past voting history.

I went to the state house last Thursday with our gun control desk, Melissa Rigazio, and Catherine Greeley.  We went  to ask representatives to vote against a bill that would have allowed handguns to be carried on university and community college campuses.  It was thankfully defeated. As Mindi Messmer wrote, ” This is an encouraging vote that indicates the NRA may finally be losing its death grip on our state.”

This is from Mindi’s Monday’s Legislative Update email:

HB1766: This bill is a very important bill that would compel the State of New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services to use their existing authority to compel the Coakley Landfill Group (CLG) to clean up the mess they should have done right in the first place in 1994.

CLG, funded in large part by the City of Portsmouth, the Town of North Hampton and Town of Newington taxpayers, is paying five lobbyists and at least one attorney to fight my legislation this session. How do taxpayers feel about the CLG using taxpayer money to fight legislation intended to protect public health?  The executive session will be held on Tuesday sometime after 10 am in room 203 in the Legislative Office Building.

Hope to see you Wednesday,

Mary Ann


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