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SB 446 – Energy Legislation

Voices are being heard.  Northern Pass was voted down last week.   New Hampshire’s Site Evaluation Committee voted down Eversource’s Northern Pass project.  Countless individuals, businesses and environmental groups were against this project.

Even though this is a bit dry and confusing, let’s help keep our support for renewable energy front and center.

SB 446 (bill to raise net metering project cap to 5 MW) – Despite the public hearing going very well in the Senate, the prime sponsor, Sen. Avard, is going soft on the rate that the bill would set for projects that are 1-5 MW. He is insisting on using a wholesale market rate, which if used, would get no (or very, very few) new projects built because the basic economics will not pencil out.  This bill is one of the best advances NH could make this session to support renewable energy and is a true a;;-of-the-above solution. The committee will likely not decide what to send to the full Senate until the week of 2/12.  

Please send an email to the Senate Energy Committee asking them to pass this bill and pass it using a rate that is good for consumers, NOT a wholesale rate that only benefits the utilities [because the wholesale rate is too low to support new projects].


Call 603-271-2878, this is the office of the Energy Committee.

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