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More Landfill Problems – Very Interesting

Hi,  at this moment I don’t have a specific action for us.  We’re not sure which legislators to call but we’ll keep you informed.

The Turnkey Landfill in Rochester, New Hampshire, is the biggest in the state, and owner Waste Management’s own groundwater monitoring indicates it is already leaking, putting the nearby Cocheco and Isinglass Rivers at risk.

And now, even though New Hampshire already has more than enough space for the trash we generate each year, the Turnkey Landfill is applying to expand by 56 acres to allow 14 million more tons of trash, most of it likely to be shipped in from other states. 

Landfills are dangerous, and allowing an already mammoth landfill to take on millions of tons more trash from other states is a bad deal for New Hampshire’s health, environment, and economy. 

Tell New Hampshire regulators: STOP the expansion of the state’s biggest landfill.

We can’t allow New Hampshire to become a dumping ground for other states’ trash at the expense of our clean water and public health.

The state already has all the room it needs to dispose of the trash we generate – expanding this landfill would only create more problems for Granite Staters, such as opening the door for more out-of-state trash, and undermining reduction and recycling strategies. 

Take action now: Don’t let regulators jeopardize clean water and public health for the sake of other states’ trash.

It’s voices like yours that can turn the tide against Waste Management and other owners of mega-landfills. Stopping this expansion will hold them accountable for the environmental impacts of these facilities and spur us to reform our solid waste system. Speak up now and ask your regulators to stop the expansion of the Turnkey Landfill.

Thank you for all that you do for a cleaner, healthier New Hampshire.

In solidarity,

Kirstie Pecci

Senior Fellow

CLF Zero Waste Project



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