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HB 1749 Legislation Allowing Guns in Schools

This is from our Gun Control Desk and it is almost impossible to believe.  If you can go to Concord that would be great.  I’m not sure who to tell you to call.  Our house reps will not support these bills.

I wanted to alert you and your members to 2 pro gun bills that have hearings this Wednesday at 10am in Concord.  If anyone can attend or submit written testimony it would be very helpful. 

 1.Carry on Campus Bill

This bill will allow anyone to carry a gun on college campuses. Currently colleges can decide their own policy and most do not allow this. 

 2. HB 1749 

 This bill is a real concern. There is a hearing and Executive Session planned for the same day which means the committee plans to hold the public hearing in the am and vote it out of committee in the pm . There are cities and towns in NH like Nashua, Portsmouth, Milford and Salem  that currently have school weapons policies that  ban the public from bringing firearms into schools. This  bill would not only make those policies null and void it also would fine town and city officials who try to implement any type of policy regarding firearms on town or city property. 

The HB 1749 hearing is on Wednesday the 10th at 10:00am in reps hall.  ‎If you would like to testify or know anyone who would be willing to testify please let me know asap.  If someone cannot attend the hearing they can email written testimony to me and I  print it out to bring with me. 

The Campus Carry bill‎ also has a hearing the same day,   Wednesday, the 10th  at 10:40am LOB 204‎.  This bill looks like it will move a little more on the traditional path and we’ll have more time. 

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