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Environmental Bills: HB 592 HB 114 HB 317 We need people to call!

Greetings Environmentally minded,

There is an item of immediate concern to NH voters.  There will be 3 energy bills to be voted on January 3 – all lousy bills.  Please contact your legislator to request that they vote “no” on these bills.  And just why are they attacking Renewables??  For more information see below.

We need your help on the upcoming retained bills, HB 592, HB 114 and HB 317.  These very BAD bills are being voted on by the full House on January 3rd, and both have been recommended by the House Energy Committee as “ought-to-pass” (on a very marginal vote of 11-10). 

HB 592 would eliminate the remaining RGGI dollars that we have in NH to invest in energy efficiency (the first dollar of each allowance) and would rebate that as miniscule embedded bill credits.  

HB 114 would freeze NH’s Renewable Portfolio Standard’s Class I at 7.8% (it is otherwise supposed to grow to 15%), so we would fail to reach our 25% by 2025 goal. 

HB 317 would require full Legislative approval to raise the System Benefits Charge (SBC) in the future and for any purpose other than for the current three year plan of the Energy Efficiency Resource Standard (EERS).  

Please personalize your communications as much as possible, but here are some effective talking points:

  • If these bills pass, thousands of jobs will be threatened and lost.
  • If passed, these bills will raise energy costs for everyone in the long run.
  • These bills would incrementally increase our dependence on natural gas, and therefore the need for new and expanded pipelines.  

Please email the full House and/or your Rep by January 2nd, asking them to VOTE NO on these bills.

You can email the full House at

You can call

Mindi Messmer   498-8847

Kate Murray  373-0458

State House:   271-3589

Gene Chandler  Speaker of the House  271-3661

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