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HB 372 Voting Rights – We need to call Dan Innis quickly

Last week, Republicans passed an amendment to HB 372 along party lines in the Senate Election Law Committee.

This bill would enact a de facto poll tax in New Hampshire by requiring voters to declare residency and acquire a license upon registering to vote. This is a BLATANT attack on students’ legal right to vote in New Hampshire, an effort clearly designed to help Republicans win elections they know they can’t win on a level playing field.

Discouraging the next generation of voters is not the way to a strong democracy.  If you know a college kid, or have ever known a college kid, please call,  Dan Innis 603- 271-3077  and tell him to vote against HB 372.


  1. Not understanding this blurb. One must be a resident of NH to vote here so what’s the harm in declaring residency? Do you mean they must obtain a drivers license? That’s not ok.

    • MDriscoll

      …making it difficult for students and people who have just moved? There are no documented cases of NH voter fraud, according to NH’s own Secretary of State. I totally understand your thinking though. Have you experienced trouble with fraudulent voting?

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