Grassroot Efforts Work – Let’s Grow Ours

Dear Seacoast Huddle members,

Thanks to you who called and emailed.  The NH Executive Council voted to fund Planned Parenthood today.   Last time they didn’t!  Additionally, democratic governors were elected in Virginia and New Jersey with huge off year turn outs.  We like to think legislators are hearing our voices.

As part of our grassroots efforts, we would like to build our email list as we prepare for the 2018 state legislative session and the upcoming 2018 elections. If you know friends who might be interested in a low-key way to stay informed about NH legislation and our elected officials, please forward this email to them.

Seacoast Huddle – what we do:

  • Stay informed on NH legislation & how our elected officials are voting
  • Quick & Easy Actions – opportunities to make phone calls, email, sign petitions – we provide all the information needed (in a concise form!)
  • Bi-monthly meetings include local legislators, legislation updates & action items
  • We focus on 5 issues with desk chairs that monitor local, state & Federal legislation – voting rights, women & families, education, environment & gun violence
  • Maintain bills and voting records on our Immediate Action web site
  • Most importantly, we are preparing for the 2018 elections

Tired of just complaining and ready to do a just little more?  Send your email address to Mary Ann Driscoll at

Many thanks!

Mary Ann Driscoll & Christine Collins

Seacoast Huddles – co founders


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