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Let’s help take the nuclear red button away from Trump – Call Jeanne, Carol, and Maggie today

This is from Mindi Messmer: 

These are two issues that are concerning on the federal level: imposing sanctions on Iran is a declaration of war, and the chest beating involving North Korea.

I (Mindi Messmer) have discussed this issue with all of our federal delegates.  So far none have signed on to the Lieu/Markey bills which would distribute the power to declare nuclear war first (taking the sole power of the president to push the red button away) and implementing a level of congressional oversight. All said they are considering the Iran deal.

Phone calls to all the federal delegates in our state would send a message that we have to take action to avoid nuclear war.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen  202-224-2841

Senator Maggie Hassan  202-224-3324

Carol Shea-Porter 202-225-5456

Thanks for your help and support.  I just called.  The operators at the DC offices were not well informed – they haven’t been getting calls.  Now’s the time.


Mary Ann and Christine

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