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SB 129 Solar Energy for the future Passed both Houses

Finally some Good News:

from our Environment and Clean Energy Desk

Great news…SB 129 passed the House on a roll vote, 222-84. 

Now it heads to the Governor for signature. Dan Innis, Mindi Messmer, Kate Murrary, Martha Fuller-Clark all voted in favor of this bill.

SB 129 will:

  • More than double the solar class II requirements, which will help out solar REC prices in the future and will help create much more solar energy in our state and grow the 1,200 solar jobs we have today.
  • Raise the biomass REC price to help keep our biomass plants and the 900 jobs that support them intact.
  • Remove the 10 kW limit on the residential solar rebate program so that we can get more bang for our buck per rebate dollar spent and allow greater electrification of our transportation or thermal needs (such as solar PV paired with an electric vehicle or heat pump).
  • Help bring the Renewable Energy Fund benefits to more low-income customers.
  • Generate years of ratepayer savings from the thermal energy class while giving that market time to grow.

This is great proof that when we work together we can make progress, despite the powerful adversaries that may oppose our efforts (e.g. the Business and Industry Association). We need to continue to advance clean energy in NH, and we still have a lot of work to do!

Also,the Senate passed the version of the budget as well that did NOT raid the Renewable Energy Fund and does not impede our state’s Energy Efficiency goals (EERS) from being funded as planned.  Let’s keep watch as the House has their last say in the process before it moves back to the Governor.    

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