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SB 66 – Fetal Personhood – House Members and Dan Innis need to hear from us by Thursday

The house vote on SB 66 is on Thursday, it has already passed the senate.   There are all kinds of amendments to this bill, so it is very confusing, probably intentionally so.    I called the State House to get more information for us.  The positive testimony on this bill, came from women who lost their unborn babies as a result of car accidents.  In that case there was no recourse to hold the driver accountable.  I asked if the bill would limit a woman’s choice for an abortion and the Senate aid said, “Apparently no,  but it’s confusing.”  That can’t be a good sign.  Mindi Messmer and the NH ACLU feel like the bill’s real intention is to police pregnancy.

Call Rep. Roger Berube (D, Strafford District 18) @ (603)692-5653 (doesn’t use email).  He is the democrat on the criminal justice committee who changed his vote and now supports SB 66.  I just talked with him too.  He believes life starts at conception and has voted that way for 20 years.  He called me back right away,  he’s a talker.  I still don’t understand why he changed his vote.


Also if you are in State Senator (R) Dan Innis’s (gerrymandered) district 24 please contact him at (603)271-3077 or and let him know how wrongheaded and counterproductive his stance is on this issue. DAN INNIS CO SPONSORED THIS ANTI-WOMEN BILL.

According to Rep. Mindi Messmer (district #24) Republican leadership is heavily advocating for this bill to pass.  They say they are not hearing from constituents who oppose this bill.  

This is what the ACLU says about SB 66:

[G]ranting a fetus autonomous legal rights would subject virtually all of a pregnant woman’s actions to monitoring, questioning, and judgment, laying a foundation for civil liability and even punitive government action against the woman. . . . [T]he impulse to hold a pregnant woman accountable for any and all decisions that may, in some unforeseen manner, affect her fetus, could only lead to an arbitrary legal standard by which to assess the propriety of her actions. The woman’s privacy and autonomy would thus be drastically reduced. Any development of “fetal rights” as a legal doctrine would undoubtedly intensify efforts by legal and medical authorities to “police” pregnancy.

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