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SB 66 – Defining fetus as a person – Calls needed before 11:30 on Tuesday

From Kate Murray, State Rep from Rye and New Castle:

SB66 is coming back for a reconsider vote. We had voted to retain it in committee. This is the bill that would establish “personhood” for a fetus.

This bill provides that a fetus shall be included in the definition of “another” for the purposes of first and second degree murder, manslaughter, negligent homicide, and causing or aiding suicide.

Anything you can do to bring out opposition to this bill would help. The prime people to contact regarding the re-vote are Chair David Welch and Rep. Berube. Welch uses email but Berube does not.  This is the list for the entire Criminal Justice and Public Safety committee.

This is what the ACLU says:

[G]ranting a fetus autonomous legal rights would subject virtually all of a pregnant woman’s actions to monitoring, questioning, and judgment, laying a foundation for civil liability and even punitive government action against the woman. . . . [T]he impulse to hold a pregnant woman accountable for any and all decisions that may, in some unforeseen manner, affect her fetus, could only lead to an arbitrary legal standard by which to assess the propriety of her actions. The woman’s privacy and autonomy would thus be drastically reduced. Any development of “fetal rights” as a legal doctrine would undoubtedly intensify efforts by legal and medical authorities to “police” pregnancy.

The pressure for this coming back is from their leadership even though the emails we got were strongly against the measure.  

The Senate voted to approve the bill. In case you were wondering, Dan Innis, our state senator, voted for it, with the rest of the Republicans.

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