Immediate Action

Steve Marchand at 3S Artspace – hosted by Indivisible Portsmouth

Hey!  I think we should go check this out.

Back by popular demand! Indivisible Portsmouth is gathering on Thursday, May 25th at 3S Artspace Block Six Bar from 5-7pm for the second iteration of cheer, political discourse, and camaraderie among like-minded patriots.

Special guest: Democratic Candidate for Governor Steve Marchand will discuss his thoughts on resisting policies at the State level and how to effectively channel our efforts. Additionally, we’ll enjoy discussions with other local and state activists who want to make change. The event is free and open to all individuals interested in meeting others that want to resist the damaging policies of the current administration.

Last week, I went to hear Heather Boushey at 3S.   She had so much to say about the Family Friendly Economy,  I left feeling encouraged that there are people like her thinking and working hard in DC.  In any case,  what a great space,  and a what a great chance to hear what is going on.

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