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Seacoast Huddle’s Email – A New Look

Hi Huddlers,

This post is introducing our exciting new website.  We’ve worked hard to give you the information that you received in the emails, with  just a newish look.  We created a Seacoast Huddle website because Christine and I wanted the ability to track the results of all of our hard work.  For example, we made the calls, but what happened to the legislation?  Check that out… we have started to record our  results under the heading  What Happened To.

It’s possible for you to work from the emails that are sent.  So no change is needed on your part.  But if you deleted an email or want to review an old one you can go to a list of Immediate Actions. Or if you want to know about an up-coming event go to  Upcoming Events or maybe you are following Family Friendly legislation, you can just go to that category.

The website has an email sign-up option.  If you receive the Seacoast Huddle email, there is no need for you enter your email address.

When you check out the  website, and notice errors, or if you have suggestion of what to add or change, let us know at  driscoll.maryann (at)

Thanks as always,

Mary Ann and Christine



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