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Protect Department of Ed from Edelblut Power Grab – We need calls

Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut, who’s highest priority is privatizing public education, has attempted to use a back door legislative process to gain the authority to politicize the department of education by reorganizing it to place his own supporters in key positions. Here on the Reaching Higher NH site is the background.

We have an unusual opportunity to make a big impact on this important issue.  The chair of the Senate Education Committee, Senator Reagan, is considering whether to support the Commissioner’s plan by adding it to HB 356, a bill currently before the committee, or whether to send the Commissioner’s plan to a study committee, which is the right solution.

Sen. Reagan needs to hear that Edelblut’s  reorganization amendment should not go forward.

Why:  The proposal should be sent to a study committee, which is the right solution. NH children should not have to bear the brunt of political infighting.

You can call Senator Reagn’s  office at (603)271-4063 or email him at  When you email Sen. Reagan, you can copy the other committee members:

Bob Giuda:

Ruth Ward:

Jay Kahn:

David Watters:

In addition, there will be a public hearing on the reorganization amendment next Tuesday April 25th  at 10:00 AM in Room 103 of the Legislative Office Building (the date and time are not final probably…I’ll update you when it comes out).  Please attend if you can and tell the committee that this is much too big a change to make without hearing from the parents and many others who would be affected.

There are a few of us going to this hearing, please email driscoll.maryann@gmail, if you’d like to join the road trip.

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